While many aspire to replicate our success in the Precast Concrete vertical, no company can match our unique history—period.

Alfred Miller Contracting was born from a family of bricklayers, and many of our leading-edge operational processes are derived from our lineage in Masonry. We think differently because we're used to moving significant mass with muscle and precise calculation—and Precast is just like constructing a giant brick building.

Alfred Miller Contracting has a long history of developing Precast solutions that reduce field man-hours. We excel at developing the critical details that make new ideas successful; in fact, no one does it better.

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Composite Precast Concrete Trenches
Alfred Miller Contracting has developed a unique multi-stage casting process where the internal liner of trench is cast first utilizing a specialty high-performance material. Liner material is specifically selected and thicknesses designed based on service conditions. A structural concrete outer shell is cast creating a composite section. The precast unit is then delivered to the field ready to install.
Precast Process Structure Decks
Alfred Miller Contracting provides a waffle type precast floor panel that is used in Process Structure Decks. This replaces bar grating, secondary support steel, and lateral bracing. The cost is typically 40-50% of the cost of the steel, and only requires 20% as many field installation man-hours.
Structural Foundation Components
Alfred Miller Contracting manufactures precast foundation beams, pads, retaining walls, and other structural components.
Precast Electrical Duct Bank
Alfred Miller Contracting has developed a precast structural duct bank system that requires no field concrete placement. The system is based on precast sections of ductbank made with red concrete that contains all the conduits ready to receive cabling. The field installer simply excavates a trench and places the ductbank component. Shoring and large excavations are eliminated, because no personnel are placed in the trench during installation.
Novel Precast Applications
Alfred Miller Contracting has a long history of developing precast solutions that reduce field man-hours. We excel at developing the critical details that make new ideas successful.
What We Do

Our Precast Products division includes the design and fabrication of:

  • Composite Precast Concrete Trench/Sump Systems
  • Precast/Prestressed Structural Components
  • Structural Foundation Components
  • Precast Electrical Ductbank
  • Precast Process Unit Decks (versus bargrate)
Our Duct Bank Process

Download to see how we can install a duct bank 5X faster than anyone else.

Product Brochure

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