Pole Base

• 36” Round/Smooth Pole Base
• 36” Taxiway Light Base

Pole Base® is an architectural precast foundation system for lighting and taxiway light bases flush mounted with the ground. When you dig deeper than the good looking exterior, you will see that Pole Base is way more than just a concrete cylinder.

As with everything we do, installation of Pole Bases are the most efficient and effective product on the market - and only requires three steps: Auger, Place, and Backfill. All production of the actual Pole Base is done off-site.

installed concrete lamp post base
Benefits of Pole Base:
  • One solid piece of concrete
  • High quality and durable
  • Conduit options
  • Customized junction box installation
  • Versatile J-Bolt patterns
  • Eliminates production delays from weather
  • Cleaner and easier than pouring onsite with equipment
  • Allows for flexibility with scheduling installation
  • Can install in good OR bad weather

Taxiway Bases

No more lost days due to bad weather.
No more fuss.

Pole Base Taxiway Light Bases are designed to enhance the installation experience in airport applications. Anytime. Anywhere. Pole Base Taxiway Bases allow for faster installation in any environmental scenario at any time. Pole Base allows contractors to work on their own schedules at optimum efficiency levels, resulting in a faster project completion with much less headaches. Since we can inventory these bases, that means shorter lead times.

taxiway base in ground

Contact our Pole Base specialists at (337) 477-4681 or [email protected] to learn more about how we can fulfill your light base needs - better - and for more construction and CAD details, specifications, and our design guide.

Standard Sizes and Specs: What are the standard sizes and specifications for Pole Base Units?
ANSWER: The durable precast concrete Pole Base units are typically 2 feet (610 millimeter) in diameter, with a height of 3–4 feet (915–1,220 millimeter) exposed above grade and 3–12 feet (910–3660 millimeter) buried below grade. The concrete is reinforced with four #5 vertical and #3 round tie steel reinforcement. They also typically incorporate four galvanized anchor rods and four PVC electrical conduits for mounting and wiring light poles.
Cost Comparison: How does the cost of Pole Base compare to that of our competitors’ site-built light pole bases?
ANSWER: The cost of the two options depends upon the contractor. Some contractors believe Pole Base units are less expensive and other contractors haven’t tried the system to really know for sure. The big differences are that Pole Base products create savings in time, labor, space, and remedial repairs. You can rest assured that the anchor rods will be set properly and there won’t be surprises when the cardboard form is removed. Pole Base units are delivered to the job site ready to install and have light poles connected. There is no delay waiting for the bases to be formed, cast, and cured – we all know time is money!
Installation Time: How long does it take to install Pole Base units?
ANSWER: Installing Pole Base units is fairly simple. Depending upon the soil conditions and equipment, they can typically be installed between 45 and 90 minutes. First, you need to either auger or excavate a hole in the earth. Then, a 6 inch (150 millimeter) thick stone foundation is placed at the bottom of the excavation to provide good base support and to fine adjust the final base elevation. Next, the Pole Base unit is set on the stone foundation, leveled, and backfilled. During the backfilling operation, the site electrical conduit is connected to the embedded conduit in the base. The final step is the backfilling and compaction of the excavation around the Pole Base.
Customize to Your Specs: Can I get Pole Base units customized for my project?
ANSWER: Absolutely! Customization is something that Pole Base does best. We build all of our bases to your specification for your particular project. You are able to specify the concrete finish texture, length (4–12 feet or 1220–3660 millimeters), electrical conduit, anchor rod size and spacing, concrete reinforcement, finished color, etc. Feel free to ask your sales representative if you have a question or suggestion about your specific requirements for your next project.