We've Built History—by Building—for 70 Years

Overwhelmingly recognized in the petrochemical industry as the “go to” authority for Fireproofing, Buildings, Precast, and Field Services, Alfred Miller Companies leads the markets we serve by constantly evolving our company and products.

Born from a family of bricklayers, our distinct expertise was built generations ago and informs the groundbreaking innovations we create daily. You have seen our work projects evolve in our hometown of Lake Charles, Louisiana and expand throughout North America every day—for 70 years.

With nearly three-quarters of a century of outstanding work history, Alfred Miller Companies remains committed to our focus on safety, quality, and efficiency in every vertical of operations. We are proud to be recognized as a leading model of safety practices in the petrochemical industry, setting a bar of workplace safety excellence worthy of bragging.

Our leadership’s philosophy of constant improvement and efficiency in all aspects of project processes, execution, and delivery is the key factor in creating the innovations we’re known for producing.

We invent what does not exist and improve what does exist—our way.

Seen across North America every day, the Red Brick Hammer on our logo pays homage to our roots in masonry, where we learned to move heavy materials with expert precision, our unique mindset and approach to projects, and generations of influence in the industry we’ve pioneered for 70 years.

I see myself in the middle of a 70+ year-old company. Our family story literally parallels the Energy Industry – particularly Downstream. If you walk by a plant in this area, chances are my family has been involved with it.
Philip Miller President
worker spraying concrete


We set the bar for safety other companies strive to meet. At Alfred Miller Companies, "safety" isn't just a noun—it is ingrained in our culture and processes. It is a core tenet of the "Alfred Miller Way."

  • 0.75 EMR Rating
  • Better safety practices
  • Embedded in our company culture


Our team of quality control and product experts ensures the high-quality we're known for producing in all of our industrial solutions.

  • Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) Certified
  • North America's leading steel fireproofer
  • 70-year history of excellence
  • Expert understanding of all facets and details of Construction projects


Alfred Miller Companies has literally advanced the industries we lead through constant innovation of our products, methods, and services.

  • Groundbreaking methods and processes other try to imitate
  • America's most technologically advanced Specialty Precast plant
  • The only design/build contractor utilizing leading-edge robotics
  • High-tech Vertical Precast Battery Mold and Langendorf Trailer transport system
Our Manifesto
We are not labor brokers—we build it ourselves.
Other contracting services providers do not have the scale and caliber of the skilled workforce that Alfred Miller Companies employs. In most instances, other companies hire day labor for projects with no professional oversight or attention to details—which always translates to less-than-optimal quality performance. Alfred Miller Companies professionally executes projects of all sizes and breadths of scope—with our own workforce.
We do not compromise the product.
We believe in efficiency—not shortcuts—in every facet of what we do. Our clients come to us because they want things "done the Alfred Miller Way."
We do not sacrifice our reputation for short-term gain.
Alfred Miller always said it best: “Profit can be recovered. Your reputation cannot.”
We do not accept the status quo.
The key ingredient in our success for the last 70 years is our company-wide philosophy of constant improvement and evolution of efficiency at every level of every process we execute and operation we conduct. We believe in "better practices," not "best"—and we never quit thinking...ever.