We are unique in the building industry because we are capable of designing and constructing the building shell entirely in-house using precast concrete and/or steel.

Our designs make architecture perform as structure, and structure serve as architecture.

We detail the structure, fabricate the precast in our own plant, then erect the entire shell with our own forces. Our ability to do all of this gives us total control over the design and detailing combined with immediate feedback on the cost and constructability of those details. This control and feedback mechanism has taught us that structural details have more impact on costs than any other factor. We know that good details balancing materials, fabrication and erection considerations, always achieves lower in-place costs.

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In the industrial sector, our projects range from Blast-Rated Control Rooms, Motor Control Centers, Administration Office Buildings and Guard Houses to prefabricated metal buildings. Alfred Miller Contracting can deliver any building you need in a plant. With our team of safety professionals, we have the programs required to work in any facility.

  • Emergency Response Centers
  • Operators Shelters
  • Control Rooms
  • Motor Control Center
  • Warehouses
  • Maintenance Shops
  • Admin Offices
  • Guard Houses
Why Choose Us

Due to the efficiency, speed of construction, versatility, inherent fire resistance and durability of precast concrete, it is an ideal building system for industrial facilities. Alfred Miller Contracting's precast concrete buildings are typically completed in fewer man-hours and 40% less time than steel or masonry structures. Let our design professionals show you how Alfred Miller Contracting will deliver the best facility for your investment.

Blast-Resistant Precast Buildings

Our blast-resistant precast buildings are not built to win a fashion show or a trendy widget award. They are built to take on real blasts in real life.

We build buildings that don't move, can withstand 16 hours of fire resistance, and last over 100 years. We recommend you ask our competitors what their fire rating is. (Pro tip: They don't have one.)

Product Brochure

Download the 2017 brochure for an at-a-glance brief about who we are and what we do across the United States every day. If you don't already know our reputation, learn more about our industrial products, services, and groundbreaking solutions.