Precast Pipe Racks

Constructing pipe racks, especially where fireproofing is required, used to be a lengthy and expensive process. Extensive man-hours, scaffolding, and elevated work made these structures a real bump in the road of progress. So, we designed our own patented precast pipe rack that saves our customers up to 50% of the cost of a fireproofed steel pipe rack.



  • Fire Resistant – doesn’t need fireproofing
  • Corrosion Resistant – eliminates any future corrosion issues encountered with Structural Steel
  • ½ the Cost of Fireproofed Steel (click here for cost comparison)
  • Faster – shorter lead times, faster erection and no field fireproofing
  • Maintenance Free – 100 year lifespan reduces lifecycle costs
  • Less Scaffolding – no fireproofing of block-outs
  • Inherently Safer – eliminates majority of field man-hours, primarily at heights, with the risk of falling and dropped objects (click here for Man-Hour comparison)
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The Alfred Miller Companies ‘Moment Frame’ precast pipe rack significantly reduces manufacturing costs, the amount of hours on-site, and overall logistical problems than any other precast or steel pipe rack design. Instead of a multi-step process that involves a Steel Detailer, Fabricator, Galvanizer, Shop-Applied Fireproofing, Laydown Yard, Iron Workers, Scaffold builders and Fireproofers, our precast pipe rack design involves two steps: precast and erection.

Like LEGOs, our precast pieces fit together easily and effortlessly. They boast cutting-edge column-to-column and column-to-foundation connections using the NMB Splice-Sleeve system and can even be erected without ever leaving the ground! They are inherently fireproof, so the expensive fireproofing process needed for steel is unnecessary. They take 60% less time to erect than steel pipe racks and are far more robust and resilient to damage and corrosion.