Your Complete Industrial Fireproofing Contractor

Some fireproofers only do shop work. Others just do field work. Some only do epoxy intumescent, cementitious PFP or concrete.

We do all types of fireproofing for the Downstream, petrochemical industry and we coordinate it, giving you a single point of responsibility for all shop-applied and field fireproofing. Our ability to execute all of these duties ensures that your project will proceed in the most efficient, highest quality and safest manner possible. Our 3D modeling capabilities enable us to import the steel fabricator’s model for error-free take-offs and our proprietary piece-tracking software shows the status of every piece of steel in our shop. You won't have to manage the fireproofing process—it will happen in a fluid, coordinated way.

We are accredited by the National Fireproofing Contractors Assn. for both cementitious and intumescent fireproofing. We are a founding member of the Hydrocarbon Passive Fire Protection Network (PFP Net), a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, awareness and understanding of passive fire protection in the hydrocarbon processing industry. We hold several US patents on fireproofing systems and UL 1709 certifications on those systems. Our innovations result in improved productivity as well as accuracy of the finished product.

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Why Choose Us?

Alfred Miller Companies' headquarters in Lake Charles, Louisiana, boasts a highly efficient, climate-controlled fireproofing shop featuring two, 6,000 square-foot, moving buildings—rather than move the steelwork, we move the process over the steel. Our Toyota-esque Lean Production System enables us to process over 1,000 tons worth of steel at any given time and continue working day or night, rain or shine, as need be. We have completed projects as large as 2.2 million square feet and we can ship up to 10 truckloads of shop-applied fireproofed steel per day, six days a week! Utilizing our innovative, systematic approach in the field, we have performed fireproofing projects with over 300 fireproofers onsite safely and at double the productivity factor of our competitors.

How Epoxy Intumescent Fireproofing Works
Our Expertise
We Understand The Whole Equation
Fireproofing does not produce revenue for the plant, however, it is required for safety and protection of the assets that do produce revenue. We understand this simple fact and have kept our focus on increasing our output and reducing our price while maintaining the highest level of quality available. We also understand the complexities of different fireproofing systems and can assist our clients in making the best choices suited for your individual project.
We Understand Bottom-Line Cost Impact
Fireproofing is an item that produces no revenue for the plant; however, it protects a huge investment. Improper fireproofing installation can wreak havoc on a project schedule. We are dedicated to covering your fireproofing base as inexpensively, expeditiously and as safely as possible. We coordinate a reliable, high-quality, least-cost approach so you can focus your effort where it counts.
Our Quality Control is Legendary
Our belief is that the highest level of quality is the most economical long-term path. The growth and success of the company is a direct result of the quality of our work. In addition to our extensive in-house QA/QC, UL inspectors arrive periodically and check fireproofed steel for compliance with our UL fire rating.
We Can Save You Money
For the lowest total in-place cost for fireproofing, we maximize shop application and minimize field application. This is where our knowledge of steel detailing has tremendous impact. With the right connection details, the field fireproofing can be reduced by as much as 50 percent without increasing the cost for steel fabrication or shop fireproofing. This cost savings translates directly into schedule savings.
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Download, learn, and share the latest information about our leading-edge Fireproofing products and services with your colleagues.