Precast Duct Bank

Constructing duct banks on-site was an old process that was riddled with hiccups and delays that slowed down production. From shoring and dewatering the trench to setting the conduit and forms, the entire process was only as fast as the weather and site delays allowed it to be.  By the time a duct bank was finally installed, it was most likely way over budget and behind schedule.

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This process didn’t sit well with us, so we did something about it.

Our system is one centered on ease, efficiency, and customization. Each section of duct bank is made with red concrete that contains all the conduits ready to receive cabling. We can install any length of precast duct bank 5 times faster than the industry norm.

The duct banks are produced in laser cut steel forms, securing the conduit and alignment pin cavities in the precise location for casting operation. As the segments are lowered into position, conduit spigots and alignment pins—protruding 6” and 9” respectively from the end of duct bank—ensure the proper alignment and seating of the connection.

Precast Duct Bank

Because of its simplicity, our process eliminates shoring and large excavations and reduces overall man-hours and costs.  We are able to configure a duct bank of any size off-site and ship it in sections that nest together no matter the geometrical requirements.

Dig your trench. Place your duct bank. Go to lunch.