Cameron LNG Building Project Featured by PCI Gulf South

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Alfred Miller Contracting’s work has once again been noted in the industry press. This time, the company was recognized for our work on one of the largest LNG projects along the Gulf Coast: Control Maintenance Warehouse for Cameron LNG in Hackberry, LA. Our in-house Design & Build Team designed, engineered and built a 91,000 square foot structure that was blast-resistant and built entirely out of precast concrete.

The facility’s foundation and structure were comprised of a 713-piece total precast solution containing 4,634 cubic yards of concrete. All of which were prefabricated at our PCI Certified precast facility in Lake Charles, LA and shipped to Hackberry for final assembly. The structure itself housed a warehouse, office space, laboratory, hazardous chemical storage building, and maintenance shop.

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Our leading-edge innovations in construction echoes productivity across multiple aspects. Because of our utilization of prefabrication concepts, we reduced the number of skilled construction personnel required at the Hackberry facility, thereby reducing the overall cost, improving safety, accelerating the schedule, and lessening congestion on a site with up to 12,000 personnel daily.

The building’s construction began with foundations with (400) 90’ Long Driven Precast Concrete Piles, (80) Precast Concrete Pile Caps, and over 1,000 linear ft of Precast Grade Beams. Following installation of the foundations, we installed 22,000 Cubic Yards of Low Strength Flow Fill in lieu of Select Fill in order to bring the site up to grade.

This project was awarded the 2018 NECA Project Excellence Award and ‘Best Industrial Project’ by SWLA’s  Alliance for Positive Growth.


A nationwide contractor based in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Alfred Miller Contracting has created innovative solutions for Industrial and Commercial construction projects, processes, and operations throughout North America for 70 years.

A recognized authority in Fireproofing, Buildings, and Precast, Alfred Miller Contracting has earned a distinctive reputation in the petrochemical industry’s Downstream vertical, as the company’s notable history of innovation has literally paralleled its growth since the 1940s.