Alfred Miller Contracting Launches Successful Safety Forum at a Liquefaction Project in Lake Charles, Louisiana

By Leonard Danilovich In News, Team No comments

Alfred Miller Contracting is proud to announce the success of their recent Better Practices for Safety Forum. Conducted by David Floyd, Safety Director at Alfred Miller Contracting, the forum focused on how to best implement incremental changes in existing safety practices to further enhance the field leadership’s productivity, processes, and protocols.

“I’m proud to recognize our field leadership participants and their collective commitment to constant improvement in all facets of the job process, as Alfred Miller Contracting continues to raise the bar for workplace safety in our industry,” says David Floyd.

In recognition of their achievements, 29 awards were given to Alfred Miller Contracting’s field operations leaders who support the company’s 300+ fireproofing crew members on the jobsite in Lake Charles.

The announcement further compliments Alfred Miller Contracting’s long-standing history of workplace safety excellence in their hometown of Lake Charles, Louisiana, as the nationwide contractor celebrated its 70th Anniversary in 2017. Read the official press release here.


A nationwide contractor based in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Alfred Miller Contracting has created innovative solutions for Industrial and Commercial construction projects, processes, and operations throughout North America for 70 years.

A recognized authority in Fireproofing, Buildings, and Custom Precast, Alfred Miller Contracting has earned a distinctive reputation in the petrochemical industry’s Downstream vertical, as the company’s notable history of innovation has literally paralleled its growth since the 1940s.