How to Install an Electrical Precast Duct Bank Before Lunch

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Installing a precast duct bank can be easier than how everyone else has always done it. That’s why we invented the Precast Concrete Electrical Duct Bank. Our innovative method for building duct banks allows for configuring a duct bank of any size off-site and shipping it in sections that nest together.

With ONLY 3 workers and a crane operator, our precast duct banks are installed 5X faster than the traditional method.

That’s up to 150 feet…all before lunch.

Here’s how it saves Time on Tools:

Our precast concrete electrical duct bank system requires no field concrete placement. The system is based on precast sections of duct bank made with red concrete that contains all the conduits ready to receive cabling. The field installer simply excavates a trench and places the duct bank component. Shoring and large excavations are eliminated, because no personnel are placed in the trench during installation.

Watch the installation of this electrical precast duct bank in action.